Origins and Destinations: Career Paths of Male and Female Academics at the University of Malta

Authors: Godfrey Baldacchino

Corresponding: Godfrey Baldacchino (

Keywords: Career paths, Gender, Academics, Promotion, Citations, Scholarship, University of Malta

Doi: 10.7423/XJENZA.2021.3.03

35 individuals (23 men and 12 women) were recruited as full-time assistant lecturers at the University of Malta around thirty years ago. By looking at their ad- ministrative responsibilities, by following their career pro- gression, as well as by exploring publically available metrics about the quantity and quality of their scholarship, it can be argued that there is no significant difference among this cohort based on gender. This suggests that men and women in Malta can today achieve similar career destina- tions in academia; and existing gender gaps are therefore likely to close with the passage of time, on the basis of existing policies.

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