Optical Glauber Modeling in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions

Authors: Jurgen Mifsud, Thorsten Kollegger

Corresponding: Jurgen Mifsud (jurgen.mifsud.10@um.edu.mt)

Keywords: Optical Glauber model, Impact parameter, Number of participants, Number of nucleon-nucleon collisions, Wood-Saxon

Doi: http://dx.medra.org/10.7423/XJENZA.2013.2.08

Issue: Xjenza Online Vol. 1 Iss. 2 - October 2013

The Optical Glauber Model is used in this study in order to understand the initial conditions in heavy-ion collisions and at the end understand the relationship between the particles produced after the collision. In the rst part of this study, the initial geometrical features of the collision as a function of the impact parameter, such as the number of participating nucleons and the number of collisions between nucleons are obtained. Then, after obtaining numerical values for the number of participating nucleons, the study was focused on two distinct particles being produced after the collision and the relationship between them is also determined from the correlation as a function of the impact parameter.

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