Medical Diagnostics using Designed Molecules with Sense and Logic

Authors: Maria Cardona, Kristina Farrugia, David C. Magri

Corresponding: David C. Magri (

Keywords: Metal ions, Chemosensors, Photoinduced electron transfer, Molecular logic gates, Lab-on-amolecule, Biomedical diagnostics


Issue: Xjenza Online Vol. 1 Iss. 1 - March 2013

Luminescent molecules responsive to cations, anions and even small molecules can be designed with the appropriate selectivity and sensitivity for monitoring physiological and pathological levels of analytes. We highlight some recent examples of designed molecules that can sense for a speci c analyte or a combination of analytes in blood and in living cells. Furthermore, we demonstrate how molecules can be designed with built-in algorithms according to principles of Boolean logic to perform information processing. The potential future application of molecular systems able to perform multi-analyte sensing as 'lab-on-a-molecule' systems for medical and environmental diagnostics is also presented.

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