Influence of Antimony on Structure and Physical Properties of Molten Tin

Authors: Andriy Yakymovych, Stepan Mudry, Yuriy Plevachuk, Vasil Sklyarchuk, Valeri Sidorov

Corresponding: Andriy Yakymovych (

Keywords: liquid alloys, Sb-Sn, viscosity, X-ray dif- fraction, antimony (Sb), tin (Sn)


Issue: Xjenza Online Vol. 4 Iss. 1 - July 2016

Structure of liquid Sb-Sn alloys were stud- ied by means of viscosity measurements and X-ray dif- fraction. Structural factors and pair correlation func- tions were analysed and interpreted using the random atomic distribution model. The features of temperat- ure dependence of the viscosity coefficient were analysed taking into account X-ray di raction patterns. The res- ults allow us to conclude that Sb atoms substitute for Sn atoms, forming a typical atomic solution, which reveals chemical and topological short-range order. Moreover, certain atoms form Sb- and Sn-based SbnSnm associates and self-associates.

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