Digital Technologies for virtual recomposition. The case study of Serpotta stuccoes

Authors: F. Di Paola

Corresponding: F. Di Paola (

Keywords: none


Issue: Xjenza Online Vol. 3 Iss. 1 - August 2015

The matter that lies beneath the smooth and shining surface of stuccoes of the Serpotta fam- ily, who used to work in Sicily from 1670 to 1730, has been thoroughly studied in previous papers, disclosing the deep, even if empirical, knowledge of materials sci- ence that guided the artists in creating their master- works. In this work the attention is focused on the solid perspective and on the scenographic sculpture by Giac- omo Serpotta, who is acknowledged as the leading ex- ponent of the School. The study deals with some par- ticular works of the artist, the so-called teatrini" (Toy Theater), made by him for the San Lorenzo Oratory in Palermo. On the basis of archive documents and pre- vious analogical photogrammetric plotting, integrated with digital solutions and methodologies of computer- based technologies, the study investigates and interprets the geometric-formal genesis of the examined works of art, until the prototyping of the whole scenic apparatus.

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