An Updated Flora of Selmunett (St. Paul's Island) including Mosses and Lichens

Authors: Stephen Mifsud, Edwin Lanfranco, Jennifer Fiorentino, Stephan D. Mifsud

Corresponding: Stephen Mifsud (

Keywords: Selmunett, St. Paul's Island, Flora of Malta, Parietaria cretica


Issue: Xjenza Online Vol. 4 Iss. 2 - December 2016

A survey of four visits in Selmunett (G_zejjer ta' San Pawl) resulted in a number of new records com- prising 23 lichens, 2 mosses and 20 higher plants. Five of these species are protected, amongst which Plocama calabrica is very rare whereas Parietaria cretica, a crit- ical species only recorded from Selmunett in the Maltese islands, has been rediscovered after not being sighted for about 15 years and was suspected of having become ex- tinct. Records resulting from this survey are compared with those from previous records or surveys between 1927 and 2012. These are examined critically, identi- fying possible misidenti cations as well as establishing their status, thus producing a nal update of the orula of Selmunett.

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